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Find Refuge in Origins and ... Rediscover yourself!

Refúgio das Origens is located in Monte Novo do Vale Lousal, in Ermidas do Sado, municipality of Santiago do Cacém, in Alentejo, Portugal. This space is a family space, a Rose family heritage. It was in this space that he lived his childhood, learned to live with nature and closely followed the struggles of traditional agriculture. It was here that Rosa made ties with the land and the house. Refugio das Origens is part of a 20-hectare estate. Prior to that, it was grazing cattle and sown with wheat, lupine, corn and peanuts. In the surrounding area are large trees. With its more than two hundred years mark the landscape for its grandeur. This agro-tourism space comes as a result of Rosa's great desire to return to her origins.

The name came naturally. It really is a refuge from the origins. A return to earth and what makes it loved. This is a living space where, like Rosa, you can enjoy cork picking, mushroom and asparagus picking, olive picking for olive oil production and canning of olives. Here you can enjoy and taste these flavors. You can move the soil, sow and plant in the greenhouse, do manual watering, observe some rare species of local birds. In the Refuge of Origins, nature is felt from sunrise to sunset. Just rest peacefully on a lounger, with your eyes on the ripple of the cornfields, the flight of birds, the breeze that touches the trees in the late afternoon. Come visit this site! Try feeling the plain. Immerse yourself in the magic of this region.

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At Refúgio das Origens we host events for companies, individuals and thematic.


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We will pick you at the nearest Train Station (Ermidas Sado) just 45min from Lisbon.

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